We want to read work that challenges and excites us, whether it’s a piece of reportage, a personal essay, a short story, a poem, or something that blurs generic boundaries.

All submissions should be previously unpublished (this includes websites, personal blogs etc.). Submissions should be in English, but may be translations (copyright permission is the responsibility of the translator).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately should your work be accepted elsewhere.

Please read past issues of The Tangerine before submitting your work so you have a clear sense of our editorial focus.

We aim to respond to the writers whose work we can accept within three months, but this may vary according to the number of submissions we receive. Due to the high volume of submissions we cannot offer personal feedback on submissions that are not accepted.

What We Publish

  • Features - features@thetangerinemagazine.com
  • We accept both completed feature submissions and proposals. Completed features (including essays, reportage, commentary, and criticism) should be a maximum of 6000 words, and sent as Word attachments. Contact features@thetangerinemagazine.com if you have a proposal for a feature or an interview. Shorter reviews of new work in the arts are also accepted.

    Features submissions exclusively will be accepted on a rolling basis, regardless of the dates of submissions windows.

  • Short Stories - fiction@thetangerinemagazine.com
  • Short stories should be a maximum of 6000 words. Please send no more than one story, as a Word attachment.

  • Poetry - poetry@thetangerinemagazine.com
  • Up to 6 pages of poetry. Submissions should be sent as Word attachments. Please include all poems in one document, starting each poem on a new page.

  • Photography - design@thetangerinemagazine.com
  • Photographs can be provided in any image format, in the highest resolution possible.

  • Illustration - design@thetangerinemagazine.com
  • Send us samples of your work in any image format, in the highest resolution possible.

Please email all submissions directly to relevant editor, clearly stating your name.

The Tangerine particularly welcomes submissions from women, people of colour, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

Successful contributors will be paid for use of their work, as well recieve a copy of The Tangerine. Payments will be made via PayPal.

To find out our up to date payment amounts please click here to message us.