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The Tangerine Issue Six
Autumn 2018

84 pages (A4)

Order the sixth issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Claudine Toutoungi: The Age of Invention, Not My Best Work
Audrey Molloy: Chrysalis
Luke Palmer: An Elaborate Ruse
Emma Must: Snow Core, Mackerel Sky
Aswin Vijayan: Retour, Titanic Museum
Laura Tansley: The glasses case
Elisabeth Reidy Denison: From Afar, I Cannot Tell My Love from a Shoreline, The Hyacinth Girl Reaches Out
Milena Williamson: Tasks Slips for Closeness-Generating Procedure
Bebe Ashley: Sweet Creature, What the Congregation of Kinghan Church for the Deaf Told Me
Michaela Cowgill: My Heart, Anti-Aubade, Postcard from a Country of Ardent Light

Short Stories
Ka Bradley: Bridges Over
Louise Kennedy: In Silhouette
Sydney Weinberg: Tell It Like It Is

Damian Smyth: Thing
Rebecca Ley: A History of Shame
Nathan O’Donnell: made for flies
Rachel Watters: Free Safe Legal

Dane Holt: An Interview with Wayne Holloway-Smith

Cory Danks: Jungel Kroppen
Fiona McDonnell: Cover Illustration