The Tangerine Issue Four
Winter 2017

100 pages (A4)

Preorder the fourth issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Susannah Galbraith: the white, to, ///
Dane Holt: Our House, A Step Forward
Chris Kitson: To Scale, the Earth Is Smoother than a Billiard Ball
Scott McKendry: So, Yip, You’re in the Royal
Manuela Moser: Oh Monty, If at first it sounded like rain
Matthew Rice: Aniseed, Bear
Marissa Rose: The Tanager
Trenna Sharpe: Nothing but the Same, Letter to Eileen Myles on the Ride to Vermont
Mariah Whelan: Hefted
Milena Williamson: In Utero

Short Stories
Niamh Campbell: A Feminist
Madeline Cross: Ask Me Why I’m Here
Danny Denton: Fragments Shored Against Ruins from The Earlie King & The Kid in Yellow
Darran McCann: The Actor

Jonathan Ellis: Haunting Me
Medbh McGuckian: Thing
Rebecca O’Dwyer: Negative Space

Kevin Breathnach: An Interview with Kate Briggs
Tara McEvoy: An Interview with Vivienne Dick

Gavin Corbett: from The Giving Light
Amy Mathers: Cover Artwork, Inside Cover Artwork
Fiona McDonnell: Freelancers