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The Tangerine Issue Four
Winter 2017

100 pages (A4)

Order the fourth issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Susannah Galbraith: the white, to, ///
Dane Holt: Our House, A Step Forward
Chris Kitson: To Scale, the Earth Is Smoother than a Billiard Ball
Scott McKendry: So, Yip, You’re in the Royal
Manuela Moser: Oh Monty, If at first it sounded like rain
Matthew Rice: Aniseed, Bear
Marissa Rose: The Tanager
Trenna Sharpe: Nothing but the Same, Letter to Eileen Myles on the Ride to Vermont
Mariah Whelan: Hefted
Milena Williamson: In Utero

Short Stories
Niamh Campbell: A Feminist
Madeline Cross: Ask Me Why I’m Here
Danny Denton: Fragments Shored Against Ruins from The Earlie King & The Kid in Yellow
Darran McCann: The Actor

Jonathan Ellis: Haunting Me
Medbh McGuckian: Thing
Rebecca O’Dwyer: Negative Space

Kevin Breathnach: An Interview with Kate Briggs
Tara McEvoy: An Interview with Vivienne Dick

Gavin Corbett: from The Giving Light
Amy Mathers: Cover Artwork, Inside Cover Artwork
Fiona McDonnell: Freelancers

From This Issue

Fragments Shored Against Ruins

An exclusive extract from Danny Denton’s début novel The Earlie King & The Kid in Yellow, out now from Granta Books.

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An Interview with Vivienne Dick

Vivienne Dick talks to Tara McEvoy about her recent IMMA exhibition 93% Stardust, no wave music and film, and the importance of gender studies.

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An Interview with Kate Briggs

Kate Briggs talks to Kevin Breathnach about her new book This Little Art, ‘a beautiful, urgent, incisive, provocative, intellectually and emotionally compelling essay on the practice of literary translation and its potential role in everyday life’.

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