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The Tangerine Issue 1
Winter 2016

116 pages (A4)

Pick up the first issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Miriam Gamble: Girl with Book and Rubber Bands, Bloater
Joe Lines: Simulacrum, Around Again
Roisín Kelly: Dillon’s Cross
Ralf Webb: Divisions, Approximately
Adam Hansen: Seston
Tom French: Costa Blanca, Peñíscola
Angela T. Carr: Shadow Gap, Tolerance
Joey Connolly: Escape to the Reservoir Café
James Patterson: May Queens
Brooke Clark: Not Working, Hot Tip
Colin Graham: I cannot be friends/ With famous humanists., It’s not enough to love power./ Power has to love you.
Andy Eaton: Two Men, The Organ

Short Stories
John Patrick McHugh: Bury My Heart
Jan Carson: Postcard Stories
Marni Appleton: Space
Aidan O’Donoghue: Odyssey of a Haircut
Elske Rahill: Tasteless

Ciaran Carson: Thing
Fergus Dawson: In Malakoff
Jan Carson: Letters from just about everywhere but Iceland
Prayag Ray: Being Colour: Reflections on Being Indian in Belfast
Padraig Regan: On Blue Pictures

Zosia Kuczynska: ‘It will be deemed exquisite’: Chloe Stopa-Hunt’s White Hills

Charlie Kondras: Cover Artwork
Aurore Carric: Snow
Art Schumann: Portraits, Motorbikers
Savannah Danielle Dodd: Four Photos
Keith Connolly: Eight Illustrations