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The Tangerine Issue Eight

100 pages (A4)

Order the eigth issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Nancy Louise Cook
Simon Costello
Lucia Dove
Adam J. Gellings
Eloise Hendy
Chloe Herron
Shannon Kuta Kelly
Fiona Larkin
Michael Naghten Shanks
Marcella L. A. Prince
Nina Reljić
Stephen Sexton
Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

Short Stories
Madeline Beveridge
Aidan Furey
Rebecca Ivory
Magdalena Miecznicka

Niamh Campbell
Anirudha Dhanawade
Wendy Erskine

Kevin Breathnach & Kate Briggs

Susannah Dickey

Aurore Carric
Anthea Spivey