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The Tangerine Issue Five
Spring 2018

100 pages (A4)

Order the fifth issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Jo Burns: Then heaven opened and behold, a white horse
Jenna Clake: The Sisterhood of Sorry, Bread, orange, aura
Stephanie Conn: Post Collapse
Adam Glittin: Corrective
Eva Isherwood-Wallace: Skeleton of Fanad
Zosia Kucsynska: On Woolacombe Beach
Lotte Lee Lewis: Harvest
Natalie Lihn Bolderston: Hua Mulan: An Afterword
Pippa Little: Giantess
Anna Loughran: i. a handsome form, v. beauty of dress
Day Mattar: Its Own Company
Emma McKervey: On Newcastle Beach
Michael McKimm: Placer Deposits, Tiree
Diane Mulholland: Crossing Points: A Spring Tide
Michael Naghten Shanks: This Is What It Feels Like
Rachel Piercey: Three versions, Bad Apple

Short Stories
Kevin Curran: In Football Season
Louise Hegarty: A History of Madness (For Various Voices)
Cathy Sweeney: Tales of Eros

Helen Chandler: Men I Used to Love
Cornelius Fitz: Matilda and the Tardigrades
Glenn Patterson: Thing
Dasom Yang: Ten Thousand Scherzos

Danny Denton: An Interview with Gavin Corbett
Sophie Stein: An Interview with George Saunders

Sarala Estruch: Nick Makoha’s Kingdom of Gravity: An Unsettling Journey to Post-colonial Uganda
Manuela Moser: ‘Strictly for bedrooms, melancholy etc. etc.’: Belle & Sebastian, Vicar Street, Dublin

Eleanor Hardiman: Reading Ladies
Laura Kaye: Photos From Iceland
David Sykes: The Price of Fruit
George Voronov: Cover Photography