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The Tangerine Issue Two
Spring 2017

100 pages (A4)

Pick up the second issue of The Tangerine magazine, a Belfast-based magazine of new writing.

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Daragh Breen: A Supermoon Gives Birth to Herself
Dean Browne: Memory Is a Wardrobe
Toby Buckley: companion.
Conor Cleary: The Mousse
Rachel Curzon: Innovative Ways
Susannah Dickey: ‘Plywood is the liberation of wood.’ Frank Lloyd Wright, in conjunction with the United States Plywood Corporation.
Lucia Dove: Scoundrel
Erin Kelley: Theophany II, Theophany III, Evolution
Matt Kirkham: The Literature Machine
Raffi Kiureghian: Study for a Window
Florence Lenaers: malleolus, n.
Emma Must: Cycling to IKEA
Richard O’Brien: Fable of the Jar
Lenni Sanders: NYE, Watching ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen’
Stephen Sexton: Orthodox

Short Stories
Jude Cook: En Plein Air
Louise Kennedy: Brittle Things
Darragh McCausland: Phelim from Galway
Damien McLaughlin: Men

Roisin Dunnett: On Tentativeness
James Patterson: What Work Is: Wage Labour & the Poetic Imperative in an Age of Austerity
Tess Taylor: Thing

Darran Anderson: An Interview with Jean Bleakney
Padraig Regan: An Interview with Eileen Myles

Aurore Carric: Cover Artwork
Megan Doherty: Stoned in Melanchol
Martina Scott: Inside Cover Artwork
Michael Weir: Punks' Camp, Mae Rim