Issue 10


An exclusive extract from issue 10, an essay by Kevin Breathnach.

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Issue 4

Fragments Shored Against Ruins

An exclusive extract from Danny Denton’s début novel The Earlie King & The Kid in Yellow, out now from Granta Books.

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An Interview with Vivienne Dick

Vivienne Dick talks to Tara McEvoy about her recent IMMA exhibition 93% Stardust, no wave music and film, and the importance of gender studies.

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An Interview with Kate Briggs

Kate Briggs talks to Kevin Breathnach about her new book This Little Art, ‘a beautiful, urgent, incisive, provocative, intellectually and emotionally compelling essay on the practice of literary translation and its potential role in everyday life’.

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Issue 3

An Interview with Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney talks to our Fiction Editor, Michael Nolan, about her début novel, Conversations with Friends, writing in the digital era, and Dublin today.

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An Interview with Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard talks to our Contributing Editor, Padraig Regan, about recent collection Cain, the abiding influence of the New York School, and the discipline of writing anagrams.

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Issue 2

An Interview with Eileen Myles

Eileen Myles talks to our Contributing Editor, Padraig Regan, about living in Belfast, American politics, and telepathic powers.

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